Family Fishing

Fishing For All Ages

Fishing is fun for all ages! But lets face it, for the little ones, sometimes sitting on a boat for 4 to 6 hours can get to be a bit challenging. On your fishing trip, we take this into account and get the kids involved with activities on the boat. Whether it’s getting a live bait fish out of the live well or help reeling in fishing poles, there is almost always something to do. We also adjust how we fish, trying to keep the bite more active with smaller fish while still trying to catch the big one.

No Experience Required

Very little or no experience fishing? No problem. Your experience on the water or fishing is always taken into account on your trip. Whether it’s setting the hook, holding the fish for a picture or reeling in the fish, Captain Brian will teach you all the ins & outs of fishing. Before you know it, you’ll be doing it all on your own!


No, individual fishing licenses are not required. The boat has an all inclusive fishing license that covers everyone on board.

Yes, babies and toddlers are welcome aboard. Coast Guard approved inflatable "floaties" must be worn at all times but are not provided. Items such as playpens & strollers are not allowed onboard. Baby carriers are permitted.

Captain Brian always takes weather conditions into account before heading out on the water. Unfortunately not every day is 75, sunny and calm. If inclement is an issue, consideration is taken on whether or not to cancel based on guests experience levels, age of children (if any), etc. The canceling of a trip is on a case by case basis & Captain Brian will always call to discuss the situation with you. With any trips canceled due to weather, deposits are refunded in full.

Virginia requires all children ages 13 and younger to wear life jackets at all times while the boat is underway. Once the boat is anchored, life jackets may be taken off (with approval of parents/guardians). While not required, any person may wear a life jacket at any time.

We recommend that coolers are not brought on board. They typically are large, take up deck space & often get in the way. A storage compartment with ice is on board the boat.

Keeping fish is optional. If you want to keep your catch, we strongly recommend to bring an extra cooler with ice to leave in your vehicle. Fish size and quantities will strictly adhere to all Virginia regulations.